What We Believe

1. Your life matters. What you do and how you show up in this world make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, a stay at home mom, or a person who is incarcerated. How you show up, how you treat others, and the presence you give impact the world.


2. You are here for a purpose. There is a purpose for each and every one of our lives, and we each have a unique contribution to give. Your experience is unique and therefore your insights, your talents, and what you bring to this world is exceptional.


3. We all have stumbling blocks and self-doubt(unless you have a personality disorder, which there’s nothing wrong with). 99% of us struggle with the inner trash-talker in our head, the voice that tells us we aren’t good enough, or that someone else could do it better. The more we feed that voice, the more we stay stuck. We know that it is possible to re-train your thinking and overcome your inner-critic.


4. “I’ll do it when...” never comes. When we put our life’s work or dreams on hold for when we are more educated, have more money, or lose 10 pounds, or “have it together”, we stay stuck. There will always “more” stipulations. Progress and growth come from leaning in, trying, making errors, and adjusting.  


5. You are already whole. You are not broken. Many of us have this idea that we “need to be fixed.” What if you are already a whole and complete person? You are not something to be fixed. You are whole and enough. Sometimes a few tools can help you step more fully into your wholeness.


6. You have been conditioned to think and act as you do now. Our thought patterns have been conditioned by our experiences, the society in which we live, our families, our friends, and our childhood.  When we realize that the beliefs we hold are little more than a product of conditioning, we have the power to start anew. 


7. The only one who can define success in life is you. What does it mean to have a high-powered career, an attractive spouse, a perfect body, money, and objective measures of “success” if you are miserable? Maybe success is being the most present parent you can be every day. Maybe it means putting forth your creative work. Maybe it means being a doctor because that’s your passion, calling, and dream. Success can only be defined by you.


8. Life and fulfillment happen in the stillness and in the present. We spend so much time ruminating about our past or anxiously trying to control our future. True peace happens in the present moment, and the more we access it the more we show up in presence.


9. Judgment reflects our brokenness. Find yourself judging someone’s appearance or actions? This judgment says more about what needs healing in you than it ever will about them. 


10. Compassion, empathy, and vulnerability (with boundaries) are the greatest reflections of internal strength. This one speaks for itself.

Guiding Principles