Why Take a Course?

Original Worth courses deliver therapeutic lessons, tools,  and skills in a budget-friendly and time-effective manner. Courses are designed to go at your own pace. There is no pressure to do it all at once. You will have lifetime access to all of the course lessons, resources, and materials. 


You will receive tools, strategies, skills, and techniques in each lesson based on the best practices from applied positive psychology and neuroscience research. Grab one or bundle them in the 21-Day Reset and Launch if you are looking for ways to re-charge, emotionally regulate, and move forward. 


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Best Seller!

Do you ever feel like your emotions take-over? Trouble managing irritability or overwhelm?


This course gives you skills you can begin using today to take control of your emotions, handle stress, and gain confidence that you can manage whatever comes your way.



Small, daily practices to take control of your stress without taking a vacation.

Learn simple and applicable practices to increase your presence, decrease stress, and improve well-being.



Address your pain points, your self- sabotaging, & learn to let go.

Change the relationship you have with yourself by learning tools for self-compassion and building self-worth.



How to set & achieve your goals.

Get clarity on your values and goals and develop a blueprint for reaching those goals.



21-days to feel better, get un-stuck, & rewire your brain for happiness.

This program bundles Recharge, Transform Your Inner Critic, & Launch into a 21-day format. Why 21-days? Research shows that 21-days of intentional, daily effort is enough to create structual changes in the brain.

How long does each course take?

Courses each include 7 lessons, which can be completed in 1-week sprints or as quickly or slowly as you wish. The bundled course is designed to be completed in 21-days, but life happens and we know it’s not always realistic to have time to do a lesson each day. All lessons and materials are available for you to review at your own pace. You always have access to courses once purchased. 


Why take a course online vs. in-person coaching or therapy?

  • These online courses are intended as educational tools only to increase your knowledge and skills set. There may be topics or modules that you desire additional support or accountability in working through. Coaching is available as an adjunct to these courses and offers individualized support and accountability to guide you through any stumbling blocks. Therapy (with a licensed professional) is designed to take you deeper and individualized to address specific needs around your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

  • These courses are not an appropriate substitute for therapeutic treatment, a therapeutic relationship, or formal medical or mental health care.


What if I'm not satisfied?

Contact us within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund if you are not finding the courses helpful.